i feel as if i might be vanishing

31 ♡ also i went on a lil roadtrip today to see a ghost town!! i’ll have pictures as soon as i get the rest of my film developed

also i went on a lil roadtrip today to see a ghost town!! i’ll have pictures as soon as i get the rest of my film developed

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me, my cart, etc. on a slow day at the library

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Your pictures make me feel homesick for somewhere I've never been. All your pictures are so beautiful and every one of them is unforgettable. It's amazing to me how somehow you can capture emotion behind your pictures. asked by Anonymous

thank you that makes my heart happy

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Love your blog! ♡ And you look great in that new avatar picture. Will you ever post that picture here? ;; ♡ asked by Anonymous

maybeee i hate posting dumb selfies here but i know it’s also bad to hide like i’ve been doing lately, there hasn’t been a new picture of me on this blog since may i think. i’ll post one later tonight

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oh god you're so lovely, i just can't stop reading your answers and watching your magnificent photos! thank you so much for everything! ・゜☆ asked by Anonymous

thank you for taking the time to go through it all!

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have you ever been to the USA? asked by Anonymous

yes of course. besides ny which i’ve been to a million times cuz it’s pretty close to where i live i spent many childhood summers in the carolinas, hot humid nights on beaches & drives through the mountains in west virginia, seaside sunrises spinning holding hands and salty seawater lips soft pretzels front porches with wind chimes little white houses and sleeping till noon, golden skin and strawberries and white linens hanging from a clothesline, hotel pools at midnight, the dark haunted woods in the evenings, the loud chorus of crickets at night and cicadas in the day, thunderstorms, swamps and mossy earth that smells like home on rainy days. east coast has my heart!

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I love how you take adventures and explore the world. I find that fascinating and your view of the world is beautiful. I would love to just talk to you for hours and I really hope to find more people like you. asked by Anonymous

thank you this makes me smile! i hope you will meet many wonderful people in this life, in the meanwhile i am happy to listen and to share with you always

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I found you again!!!!! my dash was profoundly missing something x asked by Anonymous

hi hi welcome back

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What camera do you use? Your pictures look just like a dream or a memory. They make my heart ache. asked by Anonymous

wow thank you so much. i have mostly used disposables but as of this week i’m afraid i will be retiring them because i’m trying to cut down on expenses to save money for travelling. i did some research and bought the most perfect little pocket sized film camera i can carry everywhere instead i’m real excited about it. when it comes in the mail i’ll show you guys! 

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You are literally my favourite blog A+++++++ no joke asked by plantybabe

thank you thank youu i’m honoured