i feel as if i might be vanishing

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so many cute outfit possibilities with the stuff that’s gonna be in my shop 

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ur photos look like something from an ahs opening asked by Anonymous


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i'd buy a photo book and cherish it forever xxxxx asked by sadgh0sts

i love you 

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if only i could fit inside your clothes xxx asked by sterility

i don’t own anything remotely special or magical enough for you

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Sweet darling, it's amazing that I also enjoy reading your blog as much as I enjoy looking at your art. Because all of your responses are so on point, it's so refreshing to see that someone's awake and aware in the system we're all born into. Somehow I feel like making art and allowing ourselves to breathe, wander, and discover outside the limits set for us is the only way out. You have a such beautiful mind, it shows in everything you touch and say <3 asked by Anonymous

wow thank you so much, you are a kind soul. i agree with you wholeheartedly about allowing ourselves to breathe and wander as a way to discover life outside the system, yes absolutely. but don’t give me too much credit, i’m still in it, it still affects me, i can only try and maybe inform others when i can. if some of my responses resonate with people or can help them get through a hard time, i am happy to offer my words alongside my photographs ♡ thank you for taking the time out of your day to send me this message 

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what is your best friend like? :) i'd assume you keep magical company asked by Anonymous

my god i’m glad you asked cuz i am getting really sick of talking about myself heh. she is absolutely the most vibrant girl i have ever met. we’ve been friends for 11 years. she is my opposite in most ways but we clicked instantly, a talkative extrovert whereas i am quiet and introverted, logical and practical whereas i am dreamy and creative, she is earnest and believes the best in everyone whereas i am more guarded, but it’s so wonderful how she’s like that. she always makes you feel like the most special important person in the world. the dynamic works extraordinarily well because she is so generous and nurturing, and i am sort of distant and withdrawn and i disappear without warning, but even if she doesn’t understand it she always patiently waits for me to come back or gently coaxes me out of hiding. i appreciate it more than she’ll ever know. on the other hand she needs encouragement and for somebody not to take advantage of her giving nature, which i never ever do. what we have in common is that we’re both really passionate people, i don’t think i could ever be friends with a person who was “lukewarm” if you know what i mean. goodness i wrote a novel, is it terribly obvious that i adore her?

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I was wondering if you could share what some of your body issues were and how you dealt with them? It looks like you lost a lot of weight even though you were perfect to begin with. I remember the photos on your older blog and you had ideal proportions and was wondering if you made a conscious effort to lose weight and why you would? I don't know, it's hard to say you're not glamorizing thinness when, from the looks of it, you might have purposely decided to become significantly underweight. asked by Anonymous

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I'm so happy you exist and that your photograph was reblogged onto my dash. You're like a breath of fresh air after inhaling endless pollution. Please never stop creating and sharing your art. asked by Anonymous

seriously thank you so much 

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You have skinny privilege don't you? asked by freckledfreakk

hmm, i’m not sure about the tone of this? yes, i am privileged because i am thin and white in a culture that values thinness and whiteness. i will never claim to know the pain and ridicule many face on a daily basis because they are neither of those things. but i will support anybody who comes to me asking for advice, there are a lot of young girls who follow me and i never want it to seem like i am glamourizing thinness here. this is a blog where i make things and i share them with people and maybe it comforts some of them or it reminds them of home or a safe place. it may be somewhat important to note that i have long battled my own body image issues, perhaps you have as well at some point in your life, and so i also feel i have been negatively impacted by this culture in ways that might be irreparable and it makes me sad and frustrated. i don’t think it is wrong to tell someone that they don’t owe it to anybody to look like anything (though i realize this is easier said than done), it’s something i try to tell myself too.

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Do people ever make fun of you for being too thin? i am about the same size as you and i often find that heavier girls and almost all guys tell me im too skinny and "flat" ect, but i cant gain a pound! it's all genetics for me.. you're beautiful by the way your hair is amazing asked by Anonymous

well thank you. people comment on how small i am but i think it’s because i am short/petite. ignore them! you don’t owe it to anyone to look like anything.