i feel as if i might be vanishing

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Watercolorsthanks again Jessica (woods-baby) for letting me reference your work ♥She’s an angel and her blog is a dream

it’s so beautiful!! thank you ♡


thanks again Jessica (woods-baby) for letting me reference your work ♥
She’s an angel and her blog is a dream

it’s so beautiful!! thank you 

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I just want to leave everything toxic in this world and be immersed in the purity and beauty of the world your photos and stories depict <3 asked by nova-r

wow this is really lovely, thank you so much 

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I love this blog so so much. It's filled with such nostalgia and takes me to so many places I've longed to be before. You are quite the little beauty yourself. I am speechless. asked by the-inhibitors-haven

thank you so much!


I would totally buy one~! Your work is beautiful ^.^

thanks doll  i appreciate that a lot 

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I love your pictures! Do you develop the film yourself? Or do you take it somewhere else to be developed? asked by Anonymous

i take it to a lab for processing. i know how to develop film myself but lack access to a darkroom :(

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You did not answer my ask and now I feel so rejected :( asked by Anonymous

aww sweet thing please don’t feel rejected. i get a lot of questions & i can’t answer them all. however if you send me a message off anon i will be more likely to respond. and if it’s really important you can always email me :)

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hello again woods baby! are you still planning on making a photo book? I saw a post and some asks about it but I am not sure how long ago those were posted so I just wanted to say that I would love to purchase one if you make it and it is such a wonderful idea. I find myself daydreaming about exploring with you and you've inspired me to explore more of Ottawa and find some interesting places<3 asked by nourishnature

oh wow thank you so much! and i’m glad!! yes i do intend on making a photo book and i have plans to release it in january, maybe a bit later depending on how busy my winter ends up being :) your support means the world to me 

s/o to the zombie at the haunted house tonight who told me i had pretty hair